My Journey with Bodybuilding and Strength

My Journey with Bodybuilding and Strength

I can remember my introduction to bodybuilding back in my teenage years. I had a friend who was a few years older than I and I really looked up to him. I noticed that when he was about twenty he just started getting huge. I asked him about his routine and he volunteered to take me to the gym with him. That was quite an experience for me. I remember that the next day I could hardly move! It was challenging to do simple tasks such as combing my hair or brushing my teeth.

But I was hooked, despite the incredible soreness. I started training with him and the constant soreness was rewarded with increased strength/muscularity. We were partners in the gym for a few years, and I had almost caught up with him by the time I went off to college.

One of the benefits of the school I went to was a great gym–I could train there for “free” (well, it was part of my tuition–you get the point). I managed to look pretty good, even on a college diet (and without perfect discipline–college life is like that).


Once I became a young professional I had the money to start buying supplements. But I quickly learned that they aren’t really what I should spend my money on. I now understand that training knowledge and information are much more important. That’s why I ordered Mass Intentions MI40X by Ben Pakulksi. I am learning something new almost every time I watch one of the videos or read the training manual.